FCA 2016 International Meet Registration Form - Introduction

You can register for all activities of the 2016 International Meet (including the Concours) using this online registration form.

Do not hit the browser Back button while completing these Registration screens

Brief Instructions

You will be able to pay with a credit card or PayPal upon completion of your online registration. You will be charged in $US.

* If you are a resident of the US or Canada, you must be an FCA member to register

so join the Ferrari Club of America today!

* FCA members may register immediate family members on the same registration form

* International FOC members: Members of recognized FOCs outside of US and Canada may register online using this form

If you are unable to register online, you may request a paper registration form by emailing Pete Consolo at or phone 847-381-5555.

Before you begin the Registration Process it is highly recommended that you first visit these web pages on this site so that you are well-prepared to choose the various options offered as part of the Registration Process:

Contact Information

For Event Registration questions, contact:
Pete Consolo

For Track and Garage Event questions, contact:
David Bitonte

For Hotel questions, contact:
Greg Ledet

For Concours Registration questions, contact:
Mark Gray

For Rally AND PLEASURE DRIVE questions, contact:
Aric Hersh
Zef Hernandez

both at

For Mercato questions, contact:
Hugh Ruthven for Mercato Sales / Sign-up

Steve Goldenberg for Mercato logistics

For Sponsorship/Advertising questions, contact:
Jeff Kennedy

For Overall General Event questions, contact:
Michael Kelly



No refunds after May 1st